Author Topic: Powerbasic-IDE with amazing Debugging features: JK-IDE  (Read 1245 times)

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Powerbasic-IDE with amazing Debugging features: JK-IDE
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:21:13 AM »
Those who still use Powerbaisc with the builtin IDE may take a look on the new
It has amazing debugging Features that easily beat anything you know.

Example: "Compile for GPF".
Until now it can happen that a PB-Program just crashes. And now its your turn to find out which line in large Source code is "buggy".
Now using JK-IDE and "Compile for GPF" you will just be shown the Line!

One more Example: "Run to Caret"
You want to test a new Subprogram. Normally you would now start with Breakpoints ... in JK-IDE you just make a "Run to Caret" (thats where the Cursor is right now).
Now the program runs just to the line where the Cursor is and then waits.
You get a Dialog, and you can "Single Step" forward and even watch all Variables.

Scientists have found that 90% of time programmers need for debugging (thats the time they tried to save during the design Phase).
So if you have an IDE with these features, you can save the time. Debugging made easy!

So if you use Powerbasic - go get it, ITS FREE!