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Hype-Investment Programs
« on: February 23, 2017, 07:45:30 PM »
The newest Trend in the Internet are "Hype Investment Programs".
Its a trend - so you should know about it possibly.

Hype Investment Programs are Sites are possibly made from richt people to save themselve from paying taxes.
In fact you pay money to that site - wether in Bitcoin or in $ best is
PAYEER or Perfect Money.
For Bitcoin-Site to pay with Bitcoin, i can recommend BITPANDA. There you can buy the Bitcoins and then send them to the site.
Then if you have good luck - you get much more money from that site back.
Have you ever played Lottery?
Ok, see it like this. Its a bit like Lottery.

BUT the chances to win are much higher with "Hype Investment" then with "Lottery".
But also true is "the higher the win, the lower the chance".

Some of these sites may also act like a chainletter (the last one pays gets bitten by the dogs).
A few seem wo work an o solid base. Anyway you can earn some bucks and lose some bucks using these sites.
Also this is an actual trend, so you should know about.

I want to introduce some that i have tested and they seem to work at the time of this writing:

A funny site is
Generally the site makes an professional impression. The support is there and answers all questions immediately in the chat.
You pay $200 and they say that you get $10.000 in return. Sounds phantastic?
Payouts however take 24 to 48 hours. They are not instant. But generally the site seems to pay until the time of this writing.

Again one of the more solid sites with lower rates is
They offer 3% daily for 60 days. So after two month you may get 180$ - from $100 (i f the site still exists).
As said the site does not look bad and these sites with around 3% daily often live several month.
So there is a chance to get something ot.

In the same category falls:
One Punch Ltd.
They offer to pay you 180% after a month (plus 3 days). I did not try.
But the site has some recommendations and seems to work.

Here are some more Hype-Investment Sites that are above average and seem to work.

Offers 12% per day. 2 weeks and you have your money back, the rest is yours.
Public Profit

Offers about 18% daily. Your money back after 7 days!
Exclusive Trader

Offers about 180% in 3 days. Have you money back in 3 days! (Yet high risk so never put in too much so it hurts if its gone!)

Offers 7% per day - as long as the site exists. After 15 days you have your money back.

I have just listed a few TOP-Sites here, that i think "works at the time of writing". There are multiple others.
Keep far from these:
Some of them let you invest money - and it just does not appear on the account (like http://progoldhyip.* - SCAM WARNING!).
Some of them let you invest and never pay out like http://gift-fund.* ( SCAM- WARNING!)
Some pay out a bit and small amounts from time to time like https://oceaninnovations.* (SCAM-Warning)
Also SCAM-Warning for: https://secured-btc.* this site just eats up all payments and does nothing.
Some make really large promisses but do not pay out large summs always like Handmining.
I do not recommend this site at this time. The rates are unbelievable. But i can say taht small amounts of money are paid at the time of this writing.

Take a look and take care investing this newest Internet Invention "Hype Investment".

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