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Bob Houle:
Two completely different programs  :)

PwrDev - PowerBASIC Visual Designer

PBDev - PureBasic Visual Designer

Theo Gottwald:
What exactly does need to be changed to make it work with the newest PureBasic version?

Bob Houle:
You cannot tell what PBDev needs until you compile your program.

If there's a problem, the PureBasic compiler will point you in the right direction.

Remember PBDev is 7 years old (2009) and PureBasic has improved. Expecting PBDev to
be totally compatible is not going to happen.... but it's still very usable to me.

Because PureBasic is the best programming language out there {grin} and has the most
liberal licensing system (lifetime license)... you can download the version that IS TOTALLY

All you need to do is go to the "museum"and download: Version 4.31 - (June 2009)
Then everything will run fine.  :)

PS - Many users have more than one version of PureBasic installed on their computer.

Simply put different versions in different directories.
C:\PureBasic542, etc.
same as 32-bit and 64-bit

Theo Gottwald:
I will not pay for the design flaws of Fred, with the installation of several PureBasic versions.
With the last release they have made some small improvements in teh builtin VD, so it does not generate
such a buggy code like before.
Possibly it can be used for simple Forms.

For the Rest currently i have to stick with Firefly.

Bob Houle:

--- Quote ---I will not pay for the design flaws of Fred, with the installation of several PureBasic versions.
--- End quote ---

Stop being so melodramatic  ;D

If I design a program in with version 1 of my favorite compiler, and it works... fine, it'll work for a long time.
There are no guarantees however (remember all the *.hlp files... they no longer open in Windows 7 or later)
I guess you should insist Microsoft fixes their design flaws.  ;)

In this case, you could blame Edwin for designing a program that doesn't work properly, but somehow I think he may have some choice words for you.


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