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PowerVivian - is she the new PowerLeader?

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Theo Gottwald:
Yesterday I got the new PB Gazette.
Something that i hoped to get earlier.
In clear words, Vivian Zale shows her commitement to PowerBasic.

A good sign i have hoped to see earlier.
Looks like the management holes are filled.
Now lets see the next steps, especially how the technical holes will be filled.

Frederick J. Harris:
I was heartened to get that too Theo. 

Patrice Terrier:
With all the respect due to this more than 70 years old lady, perhaps it would have been better that Bob left her a good life insurance, instead of this brain storming PowerBABY.

But may be, if Bob had a good life insurance, his wife would be able to invest a part of it, to hire a new young brain that would continue Bob's work.  :-X


Israel Vega:
I did not receive the new Power Gazzete.  I have the #114 sent by Bob Zale in October 2012. 
I do not know why they not sent me the #115.  Please If somebody can sent me to  or say me
where I can see.

Thank you

Israel Vega

Theo Gottwald:
Anything new from PB or is the air out?


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