Author Topic: Increases Of Size In The PB Compiler Since Version 6  (Read 2424 times)

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Increases Of Size In The PB Compiler Since Version 6
« on: January 18, 2013, 07:26:03 PM »
Got to looking at the sizes of the various PB compilers starting with V6 (PBDll.exe) and how they've grown.  Perhaps some might find my little table interesting.  In between each compiler I added the increase in size between versions ...

Code: [Select]
PowerBASIC Dll Version 6  PBDll.exe    7/2/1999    197 K     No built in COM or explicit OOP support.

                                                 +  62 K

PowerBASIC Windows 7      PBWin.exe    5/1/2004    259 K     Minimal COM support; Access Servers But Can't Create Them.  No OOP.

                                                 + 145 K

PowerBASIC Windows 8      PBWin.exe   10/1/2007    404 K     Not much better COM support.  Still Can't Create COM Servers.  No OOP.

                                                 + 176 K

PowerBASIC Windows 9      PBWin.exe    3/1/2010    580 K     Good COM and OOP support, i.e., create COM servers, VTable access, events

                                                 + 260 K

PowerBASIC Windows 10     PBWin.exe    7/1/2011    840 K     Real good COM and OOP support plus unicode, static linkage, etc.  Polished Product.

It would be my guess that most or a lot of the size increases were the result of the growth of support of DDT.
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