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Patrice Terrier:
Since a few days i only have random access to this forum.

If you remember well, 6 monthes ago (in august 2011) there was a major server collapse that forced Josť to restore everything, and it was a very long process to put his forum back on track (tooks me more than a whole week work just to restore my own contributions).

I think it is time to help Josť to keep his forum alive, giving him the money to buy a new server he could manage directly.

Then, what do you think of starting a subscription to keep this forum alive ?

Josť, perhaps you already have a paypal account, where we can send you the money ?


Josť Roca:
Hi Patrice,

Thanks for your good intentions, but I don't want to have my own server. My free time is limited now and I can not waste it dealing with internet providers, fighting spammers, making backups, etc. In the past six months I have been unable to do anything new, and I'm above all a programmer, not a forum manager. Let's see if I can find a convenient solution.

Patrice Terrier:

My main concern was to find a solution to protect you from another major server collapsus, like the one that occured last year.

Some providers are offering mirroring and automatic backup, then you do not have to do it yourself, and in case of problem they can restore everything in a matter of hours...

But this service would come at a price, and i think it would be legitimate that you don't have to support the extra charge yourself...

By the way i have now a complete copy of all the ZIP files i have posted here, just in case we have to restore them again  :)

Patrice Terrier:

--- Quote ---Far from being stupid, I think it could be the most convenient option. No need to visit another forum, no need to spend money, easier access and communication...

--- End quote ---

Hum hum... i think that would be the end.

What i like in your forum is that, even if we could have some preference, we are not infeodated to one specific language, this is something of much value for many of us.


Theo Gottwald:
From today 12:00 we are "over the bridge" with the forum.

After that time nobody should get any errors and we should have the same good loading times like ever.


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