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You type some words, the Computer paints a picture: Stable Diffusion AI


Theo Gottwald:
Imagine that you type in some words ... for example

--- Code: ---"Scholz in the City with Sparkling water"
--- End code ---
and the AI draws a "Photo" with exactly that?

Try it. Enter the words and press that button.

TRY IT HERE: Stable-Diffusion AI at work.

Some years back we used TEX for writing of Books.
Maybe in some years we will have some sort of Language to define a Photo and it will be done with AI.
So we leave the GUI and go back to Text.
And some years later we will get a GUI that will create the Text again we are back at GUI's :-).

The second picture is what appeared when i entered "Jesus".
The third picture looks like "modern art".  :-)


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