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Theo Gottwald:
Here is a Site with Downloads from Edwin Knoppert.
Also a version of PwrDev for PureBasic can be downloaded.
I did not try if it works.

Edwins Tools

Bob Houle:
Still works.  :)

The odd time, you'll have to adjust the generated code.

Still the nicest Visual Designer for ease of use and getting out of the way.


Theo Gottwald:
Can you give me a hint what exactly needs to be modified?
Also, IS PwrDev now Free or not?

Bob Houle:
I complies most times, with no problems, but a few keywords have changed slightly.
eg... Renamed Frame3DGadget() to FrameGadget() (since ALL frames were now always 3D )

No, PrwDev was never free (as far as I know)

but PBDev is.  ;D


Theo Gottwald:
And what is the difference? PBDev and PwrDev ?


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