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PureBasic vs. PowerBasic (Bob's Opinion)

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Bob Houle:

--- Quote ---Besides that, Purebasic has some limitations from the Compiler for Example, it has no "GOSUB", but ok ... could live with this.
--- End quote ---
It pays to read the manual... {grin}

From the manual: https://www.purebasic.com/documentation/reference/gosub_return.html

From the Rosetta Code web-site: http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Jump_anywhere#PureBasic

The complete PureBasic Help On-line: https://www.purebasic.com/documentation/index.html

As far as:
--- Quote ---How about Loops, can it make an "For i.f=0.001 TO 10.09 STEP 0.5" actually?
--- End quote ---

True... but how hard is it to use a While/Wend statement?

--- Code: ---;"For i.f=0.001 TO 10.09 STEP 0.5"

a.f = 0.001
While a < 10.09
     a = a+0.5
--- End code ---

Theo Gottwald:
There are some loop structures that are normally there in any high level language.
One of them is "FOR ..NEXT". In this case its just not completely implemented.
Its implemnted just for integer.

Of course loops can be hand-coded. Anything can be hand-coded.
Its just not so easy like it is in PowerBasic.

And there is no real reason, it looks to me rather then they forgot about it when designing "FOR .. NEXT" Loops.
So there is no reason to find out why, rather hope they will correct it one day.

About the GOSUB, it does only work in the Main Program Part, it can not be used inside of Procedures.
But most of the code is within Procedures, means that its near to useless
Manual says:
--- Quote ---Gosub kann nur im Hauptteil des Quellcodes verwendet werden, jedoch nicht innerhalb von Prozeduren.
--- End quote ---

Reason is:
PureBasic Forum Wishlist from a PB user

I am near to say that PureBasic is a french product with all the advantages and dissadavantages from that.
Its simply been started, and has a lot of tasty features, but its not designed in a way how we would do it in germany.

On the other side WINDEV is also from france and at least about design its really complete. While for me the needed runtime is currently too large.

Patrice Terrier:

--- Quote ---While for me the needed runtime is currently too large.
--- End quote ---
Comparing p-code and native code is like comparing apple and orange.

The WinDev runtime is smaller than the .NET Framework, and once you get accustomed to use it, there are several DLL from the runtime that you can remove from the default build.


Theo Gottwald:
Thats definitely the case, Patrice.
Just that its a lot more then with PureBasic or PowerBasic.
Depending on the Project its no problem or too much.

Patrice Terrier:
With WinDev the smallest size of the framework is 4058 Kb, including the EXE, but not the .wdl specific to the application.

The 4058 Kb framework, is what you can get when writting only in pure SDK code style, and when you put everything into the project code section.



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