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PureBasic vs. PowerBasic (Bob's Opinion)

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Bob Houle:
In PureBasic the Visual Designer is a free add-on to help a few 'NEW' people to get started with simple Windows forms. Used how it was intended, it's perfectly adequate.

Besides PureBasic is 'MILES' ahead of PowerBASIC in many areas.

PureBasic has many included libraries:
- 2D and Engine3D libs
- Cipher
- Database
- Dialog
- DragDrop
- Image libs
- Json
- Network
- Printer
- VectorDrawing
(and at least 75 more)

All FREE for you to use 'if you wish' (yes, if used, they will add some size to your EXE)

And, besides the above, there's at least 2 gigs of samples located on the PB forums (just checkout the Tips and Tricks sub-forum)

PureBasic 5.41 (latest is always available).... 79 euros (94 USD)
- LIFETIME licence
- 32 and 64 bit
- FREE Console Compiler included
- Windows/Mac/Linux
- tons of libraries to speed your work
- English/French/German forums
- IDE is excellent (subjective)
- Compiler updated often since 2002

The 'DEMO' version of PureBasic is available at: https://www.purebasic.com/download.php

The demo-version of PureBasic is limited as shown below:

- No DLLs can be created
- you can't use the whole external Win32 API support
- no development kit for external libraries
- maximum number of source lines: 800 lines (approximate... depends on system)


Here's some critical things about PowerBASIC
- 32-bit only
- NO Libraries
- pre-war IDE
- last update was 2013??
- Future???

A bit more...
PowerBASIC Windows 10.04 (2013)..... 199 USD
PowerBASIC Console Compiler(2013).... 169 USD
PowerBASIC Forms 2.0.........................   99 USD
             Total       267 USD

Price difference.. PureBasic puts 173 USD in your pockets!

Using PowerBASIC is like using a hand-mower to cut your lawn... it gets the job done, but you're left dripping wet with sweat. You know, you could go out and buy a new riding lawn-mower... but you paid good money for that hand-mower. (Besides... your wife says you have to keep using it.) :)

Theo Gottwald:
I have splitted and remixed this Topic, because you are making an Comparison with PowerBasic.
Also this way its easie to read for people. The other Topic was about SpiderBasic mostly.

Ok, in my Opinion, Powerbasic still has a lot of advantages in the Compiler and about the Visual Designers.
But Fred and the people there are aware of the shortcomings as i see it.

Of course if you are used to PureBasic, thats just like you are used to a car XY and you get also used to deal with these shortcomings.
Possibly you do not even know the difference to FireFly, Phoenix 2 or even QTAB.

Ok, about the Compiler, i see it like this:

1. About the price, features and libraries, nearly all that you write is also my opinion.

2. Besides that PureBasic would need a second Pass, i do not like to always write "DECLARE ...." thats Dinosaur-Technology we had this until PowerBasic 8. For me this is a step back.

3. It does need a Updated Visual Designer - the built in is free, but even the commercial PureForm does not look better.
    It can not compete against FireFly (for Freebasic -and thats even Freeware). There is NO good VD for PureBasic anywhere.
    Did not Edwin have something in the Past?

Besides that, Purebasic has some limitations from the Compiler for Example, it has no "GOSUB", but ok ... could live with this.

How about Loops, can it make an "For i.f=0.001 TO 10.09 STEP 0.5" actually?
Did not try ... last time this was not possible.
Means in scientific cases you had to "Hand code" your Loops. Thats was not state-of-the-art also.
I did not yet check if there are actually changes.

So far i coded today with PureBasic and the biggest problem i have is that i simply miss FireFly from Paul :-). Its so much faster then to handcode all the stuff.

Having said this, the reason why i chose PureBasic for my current Project is that it has an Vector-Print Library that Prints on any device with a constant size.  This way i could Print on a PDF Printer as well as on a Laser Printer getting the same results.
In PowerBasic this would not be so easy. It does have XPRINT but this is not as good, as i see it.

Here is a more complete Listing of the Libraries that are included with PureBasic 5.41 LTS

--- Code: ---2D Drawing
Drag & Drop
Linked List
Regular Expression
Serial Port

--- End code ---

Israel Vega:
Is need a good Visual Designer, how Firefly.  I have a license of PureVision and do not like.  There may be an opportunity for Firefly, Phoenix or EZGUI. 

Also in Database I not know why does not exist a LastDatabaseRow . You can find NextDatabaseRow,  FirstDatabaseRow, PreviousDatabaseRow but no statement for LastRow.

Israel Vega:
It may be that the community is accustomed to free PureBasic libraries and there is no stimulus to produce a decent version of VD. Yes I would be willing to pay if it's worth it.
I personally love the IDE Longtion RadBuilder of other software but I have been combining with PowerBasic and PureBasic.

Theo Gottwald:
How large is the PureBasic Community really at this time?
My impression when i was there last time was, that many people "run away" from Purebasic.
Gnozal, the Author of JapBe included. Nearly all those alternative VD Tools, or Module Authors are not available,
or do not more update their stuff.

Did this happen after Fred stopped making so many updates?
Did they think he would give up PureBasic?
I don't know what went wrong. Anyway PureBasic and Fred is alive.
And the curretn state of the Compiler about reliability makes a good impression.
I did not find any bugs or problems this time.

Must say that PureBasic has a larger Problem with version compatibility then PowerBasic.
Modules/libraries created for older PureBasic versions often do not more work with newer versions.

If there is no large customer base, nobody makes a good Visual Designer.
However, Paul could possibly adapt Firefly if he wants.
While i would prefer a version that does not compete with my PowerBasic FireFly that i have installed.
Thats also the reason for me to avoid Freebasic. It will steal the ".bas" Ending which is reserved for PowerBasic.
Also it needs a "Second Firefly" and i don't know if it will beat up my Firefly for Powerbasic.

PureBasic has all different from PowerBasic. They do not beat each other therefore they fit together on one Computer.

EZ GUI is largely a library system. Theoretically it could also be adapted to PureBasic.
But i do not know if Chris would do it and if it would pay out at the end.

One thing is sure, PureBasic is going to last longer.
Fred is around, he is active (while possibly more with Spider-Basic?) but he is around and he makes Updates from time to time, and if its only to fix some errors.
Therefore developments for PureBasic may make sense on long run.

Did Edwin Knoppert not also had something for PureBasic long time ago?


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