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SQLitening Database System


Rolf Brandt:
SQLitening is a client/server implementation of the very popular SQLite database.

SQLitening is a programmer's library in standard Win32 DLL form. It is installed as a standard Windows Service. In addition to client/server mode, the library allows the programmer to also access SQLite databases in local mode. In either mode (local or client/server), the database is extremely fast and robust.

Installation is a breeze - you simply copy a couple of DLL's to the folder where your application resides. If you work in client/server mode, you create a folder on your server and start the SQLitening Windows Service from the Administration program. You may need to modify the standard configuration text file to set permissions and port numbers/host names. Simple.

The current version is 1.30, the release of version1.40 is planned for July 12, 2010.

Rolf Brandt:
Version 1.40 was just released and has some additional features.

Mike Doty:
Current version is 1.70
It has been fully tested for years and works extremely well either in local mode or client server.
All source code is available in 32-bit PowerBASIC for Windows only.

To run in client/server mode only requires adding a line:
slConnect "ip",portnumber

SQLitening optionally adds compression using zlib and encryption to any item by setting a binding parameter.
Connections over the internet are not encrypted.


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