Author Topic: Is Germany heading into a Electricity and Gas shortage?  (Read 295 times)

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Is Germany heading into a Electricity and Gas shortage?
« on: July 13, 2022, 06:09:40 PM »
In Germany we are going into the Energy shortage this winter. Its not a wonder but completely logic.
Take  look on the attached picture.
It shows that we have currently a DOUBLE Power Infrastructure.

ONE from AKW, Coal and other REAL power Plants. This is where we get our electricity from.

A SECOND (blue in the picture) which is completely useless.
Because you never know if it will emit electricity or not.
We have this second useless electricity facility (Wind and Solar) only for religious reasons.

And we pay for BOTH so we have highest Electricity prices in the world.
Now what we are going to do is:

WE will SHUT DOWN the REAL Power Plants. Then only the useless BLUE (see picture) "Alternative Electricity" is left.
This will definitely lead to a #Blackout possibly next winter.

The second picture shows "How much electricity we would have if we had ten times as much alternative Power-Plants".
In Short - for a Electricity that needs to be there  24h / day. Energy Generators who "works sometimes and sometimes not" are useless.
As you can see it will sometimes overload the Power Infrastructure and sometimes it will not be enough.

Additionally we will run into a gas shortage. As Gas is also used to produce Electrical Power in Gemany,
this has 2 Effects:
1. There will be no gas for the production of electricity
2. The people who have no gas will use electric heaters, and this will overrun the electricity supply.

Now think a moment, you are living in a house on rent. No more Gas, no more electricity.
What will happen in the winter?
The people who own the house will turn of the water because if the house can not be heated, there is a danger the water pipes will crack if there is water inside.
So what we get is: - No Gas, no electricity, no water. This can lead to 10'th thousands of death people.
And possibly this is exactly what they want.
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