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Theo Gottwald:
While in the public media there is a lot of turmoil against people from Russia, we do NOT follow this nonsense here.
Here in the Forum ANYBODY from Russia (as well as from any other country) is highly welcome.
I want remember Petr Schreiber  and Semen Matusewsky who have discussed with us here and in the PB Forum long time ago.
So i hope we will see them back in the future.

And this is a private statement.
IF i had to decide between USA,(Drugs, Gender, wars and Cancel Culture) and Russia (Traditional values), I would definitely prefer Russia.

Translation of the Pictures:
USA was since 1776 (=239 Years) for 222 Years in the war with with other Countries. This is an older Picture, possibly we can add the 4 Years of Donald Trump.
The Script on the Russian Tank says "Liberate us again.". I think this Tank Monument is somewhere in Eastern Germany.

Now here are some predictions for the future of USA. These are not from me, but I believe it can happen like this.

Trump is not going to be President in 2024, but he will come back in 2028.

In 2024 the whole World Banking is near collaps, Paper money is then removed from USA. And of course from Europe.
All Payments only in CBDC (and Crypto? as long as its allowed).

In 2025 US and Europe will implements social Credit System like it is in China.

Good news:
In 2028 Trump will be re-elected "in a landslide", Paper Money will be is back.

José Roca:
Semen has never shown any interest in joining this forum. I invited him to join many years ago, when I opened the forum. Regarding Petr Schreiber, he is Czech, not Russian, but as you already confused a Brazilian with a Spaniard, your mistake does not surprise me.

If I had to decide between USA and Russia, I will choose another country.

Invading neighbouring countries counts as a traditional value?

List of wars involving Russia

Tyranny is a traditional value to preserve?

Russia has a long history of tyrants.

Homophobia is another traditional value to preserve?

LGBT rights in Russia

And please don't try to call me Russophobic. I am not against the Russians, but against Putin and his minions.

About your predictions, I don't care. You already have predicted that I'm going to die this Autumn, so as we say in Spain: "Para lo que me queda de estar en el convento, me cago dentro".

I wish you a nice Winter in Russia.

Eduardo Jorge:
I love this forum, differences of opinion, conspiracy theories, programming, chemistry, supplementation
  all democratically
about russia and usa, it's like Lula and bolsonaro here in brazil, two rogues, but both have someone to defend them

Russia has a long history of persecuting religious minorities as well.
There was a period of tranquility that ended with Putin.
For example, see the story of Jehovah's Witnesses.

As you can see, she has now also come out of the European Court of Human Rights.

Bernard Kunzy:

The Jehovah's Witnesses are free in Ukraine, while they are persecuted in Russia.
They refuse to serve in the army, to respect the true christianism paradigm "You will not kill".

What to think of Cyril and Putin holding a candel for their soldiers dying in Ukraine.

Jehovah's Witnesses were put in concentration camp in early 1933 in Germany...


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