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Say GOODBYE to those who got 3 Vaxxinations

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Theo Gottwald:
More and more people who did not hear the warning voices, and took the mRNA vaccination, get sick.

Many of these can now make an HIV/AIDs Test and they will be diagnosed with HIV.
There is a new word for this its called "VAIDS" for Vaccination AIDS.

One of the problems is, that the mRNA reprogrammed their cells to permanently produce Spike Proteins.
It never ends.

The Immune System however does not work like that. Its not able to permanently work on highest Level.
The permanent flooding with SPIKE Proteins overruns the Immune System.

And many of those vaccinated have only 20% of their original B- and T-Cell Immune Capabilities left.
Now those Immune-weakened people get more and more sick, from just normal Flue and Infections.
And because the mRNA induced production of useless and dangerous SPIKE Proteins never ends,
the Immune System can not handle the additional Infections.

Was it an accident?
Was it because they did not know?

I think it was intentional and they did know. They just wanted the stupid people to pass away.
You will see more and more of this in the coming autumn.
If they see that you found out about it they may even try to make a big war to keep you busy.

Here is a video that shall give hope to those that got their vaccinations.
I do not want to let you go without hope.

I met Jesus.

José Roca:
You have got a conspiracy theory addiction.

José Roca:
Fact Check-COVID-19 boosters do not cause positive HIV tests

Charles Pegge:

Some interesting news from Denmark: vaccinations suspended.

Eduardo Jorge:

--- Quote from: Charles Pegge on April 29, 2022, 12:54:02 AM ---
Some interesting news from Denmark: vaccinations suspended.

--- End quote ---

They have ~ 83% of the population vaccinated


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