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Any more alterntive 64bits compiler to native codes?

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Chris Chancellor:
Hello all

i have look thru' the list of 64bits compilers and found that some are already dead

are there anymore alternative 64bits compiler that are not listed here?

C++ is too tough for me, so i appreciate any help

Theo Gottwald:
Did you take a look on the new JK-IDE from Jürgen Kühlwein with its integrated 64´bit Freebasic?

Chris Chancellor:
Thanxx a lot Theo

do you have a hyperlink for this JK IDE?  please provide this link

heard that Freebasic is no longer being developed?

Charles Pegge:
Hi Chris,

I see FreeBasic is still being maintained. The source was last updated in June. I would say it's not dead, it's mature :)

Chris Chancellor:
Thanxx a lot Charles


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