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Theo Gottwald:
From what i see this Compiler produces fast and small code.
Tiny-C Infos.

Tiny-C -Download

James C. Fuller:
I have had much success using the 32-bit version although I had to add a couple of key items.
The 64-bit version is very sparse in libraries and include files compared to 32-bit.


Jim Dunn:
link for James' updated version:

Richard Koch:
if you want to go to a c'ish, you should try "" the d-language. it's modern, easy and has 32/64 bit, for many os'es.

Jim Dunn:
Hmm... I noticed on their website,, a "Visual Studio Plugin" written in D, so you could use Visual Studio with Mars D.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to build a PowerBASIC plugin for Visual Studio... that would've been D-BOMB!!!  : )


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