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Another 64 bit compiler: ADW-Modula 2

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Richard Koch:
This compiler offers alot - its worth a try. it has many libraries including cryptography.

ADW Modula-2

ADW Modula-2, © ADW Software is the successor of Stony Brook Modula-2, and is released as freeware.

    ADW Modula-2 is for Windows only
    ADW Modula-2 allows development of both 32- and 64-bits programs on the Windows platform.
    No support is given, neither by ADW Software, nor by
    Use the feedback form for your comments.

Download actual version 2.42

Win32 API (Samples) in ADW Modula

Theo Gottwald:
Modula 2 generally looks good and i would always prefer it from C Coding.
It supports a number of Libraries:

The only thing i do not understand is, WHO really drives that project?

Following the Impressum, ADW Software leads to:
but at that page there is no word from "ADW Software".

Actually there is no hint from who this software is, who really makes this thing?

The original Authors foreword is from "Gordon Dodrill - March 16, 1987".

The recommended site:
seems to be down at this time.

Richard Koch:
when i posted, i copied the text from the site. i guess it will be up later on. the compiler is free to use and was formerly the Stony Brook Modula-2 compiler. it was sold to awd (including the creators??).
the compiler is nice, proven for a long time, comes with everything one needs, produces FAST/SMALL executables and is FREE!
The original creators are maintaining it.

Richard Koch:
The site works again.

New: ADW Modula-2

ADW Modula-2, the successor of Stony Brook Modula-2, has been released as freeware.
Most interestingly, ADW Modula-2 allows development of both 32- and 64-bits programs on the Windows platform.
You can download the installation package from the ADW Modula-2 page.
 For more Modula-2 news, visit the Free Modula-2 pages.

Theo Gottwald:
Who is really ADW?
Before using a tool i would like to know at least a bit about the creator.
Where is he from?
I do not like to use executables from unknown sources.


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