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This year, September 70.000 more hits to Joses's Forum then last year

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Theo Gottwald:
Congratulation Jose,

Your valuable information here brings more and more people to this forum.
Statistic show every month increasing numbers of people joining us here and reading the content in this forum.

While the number of active writers is not as quickly rising, the number of readers is permanently increasing.

Paul Squires:
Probably 65,000 of those 70,000 hits were from me. :D

I learn something from this forum everyday.

José Roca:
Putting something of value is the way to go. There are too many forums where the only active section is the off topic one.

If the Magi bring me a new computer with Windows 7 next year, I will post examples of the new APIs and controls, such the TaskDialog and the Ribbon controls.

Eros Olmi:
Please Magi, please: listen to this request !


Eros Olmi:
Unless your forum counters filter them, consider that there are spiders. Probably other X thousands hits were from spiders (Google, Yahoo, ...)
In my forum I have higher numbers but many hits are from search engines.

What we can say for for sure is that José forum is an invaluable resource even for non Power Basic programmers.


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