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Theo Gottwald:

--- Quote ---I don't believe there is anything wrong with using nicknames or aliases.
--- End quote ---

I also don't think there is something wrong using aliases. For example if you are a gamer and you like to play games.
or in a single chat, and you don't want you husband (or women?) get you there.
Or even in political discussions, when you're afraid to say your opinion openly.

Anyway if it comes to serious bussiness, like you get member in a club or something, you'll need to give your real name,
to show your seriosity. Thats not a counterstrike community and your name should not be "Thunderbolt" in here.

About me I can say that I use my full and real name in any case, or at least a link to my web-site,
but this will of course lead to that google can find out a lot of a person, and therefore will make you
to be able to stand to your positions. With your name and your word.

This goes "bumb" section a bit but...

I think its good manner to use real name, or something near of it, like my way E.K.Virtanen where E.K comes from first and second name.
For gamers, naturally its not so fun since game nicks would be nice to have but thats why we have signatures to use.

Theo Gottwald:
What is a "bump section"?

Do we need one maybe :-)?


With *bumb* i ment that i am waking up old topic :)


José Roca:
About 99% of new registrations end being deleted. The most frequent case are users that register using nicknames or incomplete names. To these, I send an email asking for their real, full name, but very few reply. There are others that are approved, but don't activate his account. Most of these register using yahoo, hotmail or gmail addresses, and apparently don't bother to read the emails that they receive in these accounts. Finally, there are the ones that use temporary email addresses provided by sites like temporaryinbox. A couple of hours ago someone has registered using "Test" as user name and "" as the email address.

This is a serious forum, not a site build to collect addresses to send spam. If you don't trust us, then please don't register, but don't waste our time.


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