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Theo Gottwald:
You know that the forum rules say that everyone must register with the full and real name. This was some lesson, we learned from the PB-Forum. Its the best way to keep posters serious, and spammers outside.

Some time ago, Jose told me that still a lot of people register with nicknames. I don't like that, because it uses Jose's time.
My standpoint is that I prefer him to use his time to built all the COM-Support, Example-Code, Headers, Include Files etc. so much needed from the Forum community.

Thats why I suggested to just reject any such registration. But Jose still went on to write every single person a mail "Please register with your full name".
Thats him.

Because I knew this uses his valuable time, I changed the registration form and wrote in the biggest letters:
"Attention! Please register with your full and real name". And also added some example, so everyone should be able to understand this.

(You may have to logout to read it).

I told Jose "Noone can ever register using a nickname from today. I used the biggest letters. Anyone using a nickname from now must be blind or a spammer."

In fact I was too optimistic. Still people manage to oversee the biggest letters and register with nicknames.
Right now we have a "Skyking"l, and yesterday we had "gigapower" awaiting for approval.

What happen, if a user registers with a nickname?

First we look at the nickname he registered with.
If its "OnlineMeds" or "BuyViagra" etc. we just reject it, because we assume that noone in here needs "men-oriented medication" (because only Real Men use PB!).
Second we verify his mailadress and IP-Adress to see if he's a spammer.
Third: If he seems to be one of those users which have overseen the forum rules, we write him a mail.

These mails could look like this, if I write them:

--- Quote ---Thank your for registering with Jose's Forum.
To have your account approved, you need to register with your complete and full name.
Nicknames like "Skyking" are not allowed.
--- End quote ---

If Jose writes them, they can be much shorter :-).

We then most often get an answer like this (mail is just an example but from a real case):

--- Quote ---Ok my name is ******* age **,
I am learning Power Basic, nickname ner said you needed my whole name etc.
If it would have said so I would have entered it that way
--- End quote ---

Ok, then we change the account and approve the user.

But this can take time.
Using nicknames, some accounts even stay for a week or longer and wait for approval.

Therefore please register with your full and real name, then your registration is most often beeing handled within few minutes!

Donald Darden:
I agree, Theo.  Legitimate posters and serious developers should be willing to use their rightful names and stand behind their words and their work.  Further, the use of real names helps keep spammers off this web site because. as I've seen, when spammers try to register, they often used some derived username that would not pass for a legitimate name.  It really helps if peiple start out being honest about who they are, and make no pretense of hiding behind a bogus name.

Patrice Terrier:
In a world of real programmers, only REAL name should be used.  ;D

I also do not like people using "TU" with me, instead of "VOUS", when it is the first time they get in touch with me.

Patrice Terrier

Frederick J. Harris:
Absolutely.  People should use their real names.

Jim Robinson:
I don't believe there is anything wrong with using nicknames or aliases. It is a strong internet tradition that is not going to go away soon.

However, I do find myself wishing that people would just use their real names instead. It just seems more personal and sincere no matter what the topic.


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