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Kent Sarikaya:
Thanks for your nice reply Donald. Right now I have settled into using thinBasic for game development. Petr is doing some really great things with tbgl and Eros is always updating thinBasic with whatever we need. Soon there will be evidence of what can be done in thinBasic that is pretty amazing.

I will use or try to use powerBasic for developing tools to aid in making games. I enjoy making tools as much as working on a game. With all the recent additions that Jose has done I will give them all a shot to see how far I can go. But for the foreseeable future I will give thinBasic/powerBasic a workout. I figure in 2 years or so, almost everyone I know will have .net on their computers that I know. If powerBasic is not updated then I might look at moving on to something with Object Oriented Programming, like C# or maybe F# with XNA. Free Pascal also looks really interesting as it is available on so many platforms.

One thing is for sure, it is a great time to be into programming. There are so many interesting languages.

José Roca:
Quite sure that PowerBASIC will be updated. A company needs to earn money to survive. Its just that instead of releasing 24 betas in 2 years, they release a thoroughly tested version.

Kent Sarikaya:
The next release will be my first experience in the types of movement they do with updates. It will be interesting to see which direction they go. I can imagine it is tough to decide as all users have something else they are interested in and want. So what might be a feature for me is a turn off for someone else. Not the type of decisions I would like to make.

With all the stuff you are doing and the other's are showing here on the forums,  it puts a fresh face on what otherwise looks outdated and overpriced when you first get it and use it compared to the development alternatives out there. It didn't even come in a nice cd case, for a pretty expensive program, no manual and no useful form designer, I know all superficial, but it gives a bad user experience the first time you get and try to use it. If Eros didn't tell me about your site, I probably would have not used it and just put it aside as a bad purchase.

This site is like the best marketing, education and showcase for what can be done with PowerBasic!!

Donald Darden:
I understand where you are coming from.  I've used PowerBasic for many projects and prefer it for many reasons.  I'm glad that this site is giving you cause to stay with it and see what it can do for you.

Games are about action and dramatic effects.  The difference between a daytime soap and something like StarTrek is the setting and premise for the dialogue.  What I am saying is, that strip away the storyline and consider the guts of the game, and one shoot-em-up is pretty much like another.  It's the surreal elements that make them unique.

The thing is, PowerBasic is a really sound compiler that does exactly what you ask it to do.  But the hooks for realtime game play are not exactly in place, simply because that has not been the company's target.  That doesn;t mean it can't be done, just that it becomes more of a challenge to your skills.  And as Jose points out, there are expectations that PowerBasic will continue to grow
and morph in response to requests and suggestions.  But Bob Zale keeps a tight lid on his plans and development, so we just have to wait and see.

Yes, I agree that ThinBasic is rapidly becoming a really powerful and flexible
prodict in its own right.  You might say that it his is proof that PowerBasic is a fine launchpad for something that can go way beyond that which was ever envisioned for the parent.  It really surpasses what most users might expect from their product. 

Charles Pegge:
In the software ecosystem, Powerbasic comes fairly low down, a sort of C with built in dynamic strings. Not very flexible but small and highly efficient, it can support a wide range of higher level software including ThinBasic. XML languages come near the top of the ecosystem.

I think many of us here grew up with BASIC from era of the home computer, before the PC came along, which itself had a very feeble implementation of BASIC. Microsift could have chosen to enhance its mBASIC compiler and base Windows on that rather than adopt C++. Our software habitat would have taken on a very different flavour - with a more accessible infrastructure, and far less battling with strings and memory management.

Perhaps it was that famous comment by Djikstra which decided it:

--- Quote ---It is practically impossible to teach good programming to students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.

--- End quote ---

Which of course cannot be said of contemporary BASICs or indeed of any language which supports block structures.


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