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OxygenBasic / Re: Point in polygon
« Last post by Johan Klassen on May 16, 2022, 05:03:16 PM »
Good day everyone :)
this is a very deep and interesting subject, you find a lot of info in the web like
General Discussion / Re: Say GOODBYE to those who got 3 Vaxxinations
« Last post by Johan Klassen on May 16, 2022, 04:57:18 PM »
OxygenBasic / Re: Point in polygon
« Last post by Nicola_Piano on May 16, 2022, 12:57:46 PM »
this topic is interesting. I have to see to deepen it ...
OxygenBasic / Re: Point in polygon
« Last post by Charles Pegge on May 16, 2022, 03:53:09 AM »
Hi Theo,

Delaunay triangles connect points so that no triangle may intersect another triangle. It can be solved by creating all possible lines between the points, then sorting into ascending order of length and testing each for intersections, giving priority to the shorter lines.

This uses random points, but it could be more interesting with other arrangements .
General Discussion / Re: Say GOODBYE to those who got 3 Vaxxinations
« Last post by José Roca on May 16, 2022, 02:09:02 AM »
The good thing about your posts is that one does not need to refute them, given the enormous amount of absurdities they contain.

You used to be a very nice guy, but you did change several years ago. Other people also noticed it and let me know in private emails. When did you start to frequent conspiracy sites?

How does one feel believing that he is always right and the rest are a herd of blind and ignorant sheep?

Please send several tons of vitamin D to North Korea, land of the unvaccinated, because they are having a serious problem with covid.

P.S. Nobody needs to tell me that Putin is bad. It's a no-brainer. He is not looking very healthy lately. You must send some kilos of Vitamin D to him.

As I am fully vaccinated and, according to the prophecies contained in the Gospel according to Saint Theo, I am going to die soon, I wanted to take advantage of the time I have left and I got married a few days ago. It's never too late.

General Discussion / Re: Say GOODBYE to those who got 3 Vaxxinations
« Last post by Theo Gottwald on May 15, 2022, 07:42:10 PM »
Haha, its so funny to discuss with you Jose. Somehow i love "blind sheep  people" like you.
And our politicians also love you.
If they want to give you poisonous vaxinations, you will just take them.
Possibly if they tell you that"Putin is bad" and you should go there and fight him, you will also run.

Which shows me that people have quite different talents.
Your talent about understanding programming stuff is not near to genius - its genius definitely.
But you are completely blinded when it comes to watch a behind the news that comes in TV.

So not need to believe me or anybody (unless its in teh TV-News).
But just look around. Check the real world.

Meanwhile nearly ANYBODY knows people that have to handle more or less hard problems that arise from the
dangerous vaccination. But most people do not know anybody who died from COVID.
Its true for me, ask your friends.

About your Fact-Checker link.
Just read it careful, and you can understand the system behind these fact-checkers.
Its always the same system. They write:
Reports of suspected adverse reactions through the scheme cannot be regarded as proven adverse reactions to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine but only suspicions.
So because its "only a suspicion, its wrong".
I can tell you that the idea that this vaccination is good for anything is an suspicion also, and in the same way NOT proofen.
So both sides work with suspicions here.

About Vitamin D3, i buy it in Packages for 1 kg each, if you need some i can give you the address where you can get it.
It important to take it together with K2. And if possible also add B12.

Both of these Vitamins have been restricted by AMAZON for their sellers (which is me) at the start of the last pandemic.
Interestingly enough together with Zinc. At that time i wondered why just these had been restricted.
After seeing the result on the immune system i have my own theory on that.

The point is, we take 100.000 IE or 500.000 IE once a week, currently.
Some people would call it a High Dose. I have my own calculations about it.
Most people do not know that when you go into the sun that your body will produce 15000 IE in 15-20 Minutes.
So theoretically your body could produce 480.000 IE just if you stay in the sun for 8 hrs.
This is what i see as the natural limit dose. We do not take more.
Also you need to know that not all what you eat really goes into the system. So Powder - like mine,
which has theoretically 100000 IE per 1g has a resorption rate of 50% to 70%.
And this must also be taken into account.

Besides that Vitamin D3 is the best way "out of the Pandemic Nonsense".
So take high doses of D3 to prevent a flue infection in the autumn this year.
Because it may be deadly for those being vaccinated.
Many of them have lost their B- and T-Cell Autoimmunity and run on a 20% Overall Immunity.

For the producers of vaccinations this is a good business model, because now they are dependent on this stuff.
Unlike if you take high doses of D3/K2. Do it ans survive the Pandemic nonsense.
Which is nothing else then the normal flue. Take a look what happened in Afrika to understand the situation better.

OxygenBasic / Re: Point in polygon
« Last post by Theo Gottwald on May 15, 2022, 07:26:13 PM »
This stuff reminds me about neural networks where you can train the network to make classification of elements :-).
The advantage is that you do not need to find the formula, because the network will find the formula.
Neural network optimizations would be an interesting topic for oxygen possibly.
Because the basic underlying formulas are simple and can easily be optimzed in ASM.

Neural Networks for Classification
What do real-life customers use the SPR for?
Sometimes not for sophisticated Automations using Button-Clicks, but for relatively simple Data-Work with Excel- and CSV-Files.
The new TXT.-Commands are also perfect for use with CSV-File.
Because of their design, even 50.000 Line Files can be analyzed, filtered, sorted .... in a Second.
With the next Update there will be new commands just for that.

The following are just some examples of the (50 ?) new commands.
"Sort_by_Column" will sort the CSV-File (starting from a given line) by either "Text","Integer" or "Float"-Numbers based on Columns that you can specify.
"Keep_Columns" - you can give a list like "A-C","G-AD" etc. and the result will be just these columns, all other columns will be removed.
"Filter_Lines" - you want to keep all Lines that contain a Telephone-Number in Column "G"? No problem, using "Filter_Lines" you can define the lines to keep.
All other Lines will be removed.
"Repair CSV"-File" - you may not know that, but loading a file into Excel may not show you all, that is in there. There may be even hidden lines that you will not see ... unless you use this repair function.
This and dozens of other Functions make any statistics and preparation of Excel- and csv files a quick-hack for SPR Users.
Starting from the next Update. Planned for 06/22. We make Updates based on real Projects.

OxygenBasic / Re: Point in polygon
« Last post by Nicola_Piano on May 13, 2022, 03:52:21 PM »
Hi Charles,
OK now.
I am attaching what I had done which also seems to work quite well, even with the old

Code: [Select]
' % Title "Console Demo"
 '% Animated
 '% ScaleUp
 '% PlaceCentral
 '% AnchorCentral
  uses consoleG
  uses console
  uses GLO2\GeoPlanar

  sub drawintersections()
  string tab="    "
  line   d1,d2
  point  p
  sys    a
  int n,j,i,k,np,xt
  n=10 'number of poly
  np=9 'number of point to evaluate

 'points of poly
float px={41.84076349611504,41.837170604812826,41.83233185912741,41.82782814339409,41.82006567695157,41.81968232089131,41.81450678946148,41.809282912371984,41.81431509508004,41.820880300959615}
float py={12.466150927636479,12.480682808848268,12.48042560741089,12.478946699145974,12.481390112801055,12.468530040932215,12.461135499607634,12.45496266511059,12.44788962558273,12.438437472759132}

 'points to prove
float fx={41.834844,41.8300796,41.829849,41.832556,41.8284089,41.828539,41.8320845,41.8393343,41.820684}
float fy={12.471219,12.4668936,12.467641,12.463344,12.4608684,12.471123,12.4649883,12.4637847,12.479901}

for j=1 to np
xt=0 'conta il numero di intersenzioni
for i=1 to n
if i=n then k=1
a=intersected d1,d2,p
if a then
printl "CROSS" tab j "," i ")" tab a tab p.x tab p.y
end if
next i
if frac(xt/2)=0 then printl fx[j] "," fy[j] tab "> OUT"
if frac(xt/2)<>0 then printl fx[j] "," fy[j] tab "> IN"
next j

end sub

sub main
  string s
  printl "Intersection Points"
end sub


OxygenBasic / Re: Point in polygon
« Last post by Charles Pegge on May 12, 2022, 05:23:37 PM »
.Ok, Sorry about that. Here is my current which belongs in /inc/GLO2

I think it will be quite open-ended for some time.

You can resize ConsoleG apps and take a jpeg-snapshot with Ctrl-P.
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