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Bernard Ertl:
I'm new to XML and needing to build a routine that imports some data from an XML file. 

I saw Jose's thread on MSXML here:

I also saw his old post in the PB forums which mentioned a freeware library

But the URL given doesn't appear to work.  Is it still available?  If not, what would you suggest as a good starting point for jumping in to build a function for parsing/evaluating an XML file?

José Roca:
TB_XML40 was an old library of wrapper functions to use MSXM when PB had no direct interface call support.

You can use MSXML or XMLLite. Both are COM technologies from Microsoft.

For XMLLite see:

Bernard Ertl:
Thanks José!  Based upon what I'm reading here:

It looks like XmlLite might be a leaner solution for my simple needs.

Bernard Ertl:
In the code linked in your post, you have:


Where can I find those .INC files?

José Roca:
They are part of my Windows API Headers package:


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