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Using API Headers

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José Roca:
Strange petition... Nowhere. They where superceded many years ago.

Theo Gottwald:
Yet, still in Use Jose!
Here with me, and with all those people who still use Powerbasic.
These days often with JK-IDE which has great Debugging Features.
Currently JK is the one who continues to bring PB ahead.

Anyway i also do not understand Mr. Morgans Request.
Maybe he just wants to say that he would like an updated version :-).

José Roca:
I mean that the latest version is 3.1.17, and he is asking for version 2.02.

Theo Gottwald:
OK then he is misinformed like me. You can safely disregard that.
Let me add my best new-Year wishes for you Jose!
Also a THANK YOU in the name of all those who still benefit from your Includes and your work, day by day.
Even next year.


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