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Pierre Bellisle:
I'm an unconditionnal fan of UltraEdit, I still use my old 14.20 version.
I was wondering what editor you guys are using.
There is Zlatko's Aurel-Edit and Charles's Oxide.
Is anybody use NotePad++ or anything else?

Roland Stowasser:
I use PSPad (32b), version 5.0.0(277). There is a newer version, but I have not found time to upgrade to this version yet. PSPad is a freeware editor for MS Windows, and it is quite powerful. It can be used with several programming languages. I added an own OxygenBasic.INI file for syntax hilighting. It is possible to add tools to the Menu, e.g. I added macros for starting the programs with several versions of co2.exe (in different paths). There are a lot more aids available with this editor. I guess the features of Notepad+++ are similar?

Sometimes I try to use Oxide.exe, but so far I can't properly use all of its capabilities.

Pierre Bellisle:
I downloaded it to have a look. It is indeed a nice code editor...
Thank you Roland.

Hi Roland,
i downloaded the latest version of PSPad. It really looks like a great editor.
Maybe you can pass your .INI in there ;-)

Anyway I have to try it. Thanks for the tip.


Roland Stowasser:
Hi Nicola,

attached is my OxygenBasic.INI file which must be stored in the Syntax folder of PSPad. It is not quite up to date but it can be edited. I use keywords for O2 and for asm. The settings can be done using PSPad's Menu: Settings/Highlighter Settings... There is a tab for colors, specification of Help File, external applications (in my case co2.exe for jit compiling). There is also a tab for calling co2.exe as a compiler to create binaries - I do not use this option although I think it would be possible with the latest versions of OxygenBasic.   


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