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Charles Pegge:

--- Quote from: Theo Gottwald on August 07, 2022, 08:04:42 PM ---Charles, the good thing is that we have the direct line to you so small wishes can get full filled.
It was never easy with PB to really get individual wishes fullfilled.
I remember that i asked for "Modules" and got "OBJECTS".
Long Years ago. :-)

--- End quote ---

I think modules could be very useful for bringing together pieces of code that have been developed separately. It avoids the need to alter conflicting global variables, and provides a level of organization above objects.


--- Code: ---General module structure
  interface 'code globally visible
  inner 'code visible only inside the module
  end inner
end module

--- End code ---

I've posted another update to support modules :)

Zlatko Vid:
what is exactly purpose of this modules ?
I am asking because i don't need it  and looks to me like bloating compiler .
But maybe i am wrong ?


ps .what is latest version without them ?

Zlatko Vid:
ps ...nothing to worry
i upload A043, SC 029 and SC 040 to my github
just to prevent lost of version even is still on sourceForge

all best

Charles Pegge:
Modules, being based on  existing constructs,  only occupy 0.005% of the compiler. So no bloating here :)

Large programs can be split into several modules for redeployment in other projects, without rewriting the code.

A DLL is a kind of module, but this allows multiple modules to be compiled from source into a single binary.

Zlatko Vid:
ok that is good !


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