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BassBox Soundscape translation for FreeBasic

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Charles Pegge:
This is an unexpurgated version with battle scars left in. I will produce a gift-wrapped version shortly.

It should appear identical to the previous PB version of SoundscapGLSL.

The ZIP file below contains source code only. (Too many square brackets to display here!). There are some notes at the beginning including details of two modifications to BassBox itself.

Patrice Terrier:

Just out of curriosity, do you know what is the meaning/purpose of the decoration added by FreeBasic when dealing with DLL?


Charles Pegge:
This decoration is used by FreeBasic in STDcalls on the Windows platform to tell the compiler how many bytes of parameters are being passed to a function. I understand it is a Microsoft invention and helps to distinguish overloaded functions. ( same name, different parameters). Unfortunately there are many different schemes about:

Article on Name Mangling

PE / DLL viewer (Platform independent Online Tool)

Patrice Terrier:

Thank you for the provided links.

Now about FreeBasic, i have never seen any descent or commercial application written with it.
Have you ever seen one yourself?


Charles Pegge:

That is a question I have not really asked myself before in appraising FreeBasic. It has not reached version 1 yet - so it definitely considers itself to be a youngster. There are some 2700 members registered on their Forum and the postings go back to around June 2005. But it has some solid technology behind it, and the  evolution of the language from Qbasic is very impressive.

I've written about 7000 lines of code with it so far, and find it codes very nicely with no major problems, but with new features coming out so rapidly it is hard to keep up.

--- Quote ---It makes use of the GNU binutils programming tools as backends and can produce console and graphical/GUI executables, besides dynamic and static libraries. FreeBASIC fully supports the use of C libraries and partially C++ library support. This allows the programmer to use and also create libraries for C and many other languages.

--- End quote ---


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