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Use SHELL with Legacy and StandAlone Programs

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José Roca:
Hi, scripting guys!

I have opened a new board for scripting where I will post wrappers and examples for the various Microsoft scripting technologies. I will eventually also add wrappers and examples for the LogParser when I will find the time to explore it with detail. Regarding the Active Directory, I could write wrappers to use it, but not having access to a network I could not test them.

I have done a successful test to implement the Active Script interface, that allows to host the script engine and expose your objects, making your application scriptable. This allows to run an script that, in turn, can call the methods and properties of the objects implemented in your application. The only problem is that without having native support for classes you have to implement the objects using low-level techniques. Therefore, for the moment, I just will post an example or two to show how it can be done.

I don't have any expertise with other script engines, like LUA, that can be used with PB. If I learn something about them or a member of this forum has expertise with them and is willing to share his knowledge, new forums can be added.

Although my main interest is to use scripting technologies with PB applications, I have nothing against other solutions, like standalone scripts. Just make your suggestions for new forums.


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