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Bernard Ertl:
Thanks José.  I've downloaded the headers and I tried compiling your sample code (EX_XmlLiteReader.bas).  PB complains that ITypeInfo is an undefined type in

José Roca:
You must have the paths for my include files and the path for the PB includes mixed in the PB IDE. You can't mix them.

--- Quote ---You must also be aware that these headers are not extensions to the ones provided with the compiler, but a full replacement. Therefore, you must not mix them with the PowerBASIC include files in any way, neither directly (via #INCLUDE), nor indirectly (via the include path in the IDE).

--- End quote ---

Bernard Ertl:
I was hoping to add my XML processing code to a larger application that is well under development at the moment.  Any idea what issues I might encounter if I switched from PB's headers to your headers for my existing code?  Or would it be better to develop my XML code using your headers in a DLL [or static library] (to keep existing code using PB's headers)?

Bernard Ertl:
In your sample code, you use SHCreateStreamOnFile to open an input stream.  Your sample code simply ends when the file is processed, but if I'm processing a file in a function and not closing the app, do I need to call a function or something to close/release the stream when I'm done processing?

José Roca:
When done, use:

pFileStream = NOHING
pReader = NOTHING


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