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Please remove this Script Basic section

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Anthon Com:
Hi Charles

As script basic is now dead, we see it pointless to keep this section,
please remove this section to start the new year 2022 anew.

Charles Pegge:
Hi Anthon,

I have separated the Languages section, ProjectsC from the o2 package and posted it as a zipped folder on Github. This includes ScriptBasic. The next OxygenBasic (0.4.0) will incorporate this change.

Zlatko Vid:
The next OxygenBasic (0.4.0)

hi Charles
I am looking forward into new release with hope that will trigger LESS AV to jump on
compiled o2 programs

Chris Chancellor:
Thanxx a lot Charles

That is a good news with new release of O2

Maybe Theo can help in certificate signing those O2 exe and dll files to avoid AV detections ?

Chris Chancellor:
Yup,  we should remove that stupid script basic section as nobody in their soundess mind would ever use it


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