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Israel Vega:
In this link of Fred answer some questions in a recent interview:

--- Quote ---
For all people, which don’t program their GUI’s manually, the FormDesigner in the PB IDE is the way to go. Unfortunately it’s further development is currently on hold, as ‘Polo’ seems to have no time for it…
How do you see it’s further development in the near future? (removing it’s bugs + shortcomings, adding missing functions, supporting the Dialog library, etc.)
Probably with the final goal, to get a more powerful IDE/designer for RAD development?

 Fred: I don't know, adding Dialog support will be complex as it's layout based. I already spent quite some time to remove bugs, so it should work OK for regular forms. About a full RAD environment, it's still a long way to go, and I don't think we will have time for it, we want to enhance the core language first.

--- End quote ---

I would like a Firefly  but  Paul Squares takes another direction with FreeBasic

Theo Gottwald:
He should try to adapt QTAB :-).
There are so many Contributions from users from the past there .. Japbe ... many others.
Or he could ask some people to join the project.
Of course he can never make something like Phoenix 3. Or WINDEV.
Even for the best programmer a Phoenix 3 project was too much (I guess it ist still not ready - did anybody hear from Dominc?).

But he can definitely make something that does not produce buggy code.
He would need to change the internal design from "code based" to ... for example "Comment based".
Actually the Form is "stored" in the code, where the user can mix it up.
Thats a design flaw.
It could be stored for example in comment lines that the user does not touch.
This way the VD will anyway generate working code.
Thats the smallest change that should be done as i see it.

I had more then 30 Syntax errors yesterday, was just before kicking the whole thing and loading firefly.

The good point about Purebasic are the libraries. For example the "VectorPrint" Library is quite useful.
It will print the right size - no matter which printer and PowerBasic does not have it.

As i see it, the libraries are OK by now, i would recommend him to go back to the roots and lower the distance to the competition about usability.
The VD from PureBasic is ten years behind from the competition, thats too much.


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