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SpiderBasic 1.00 Alpha (PureBasic for Web)

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Israel Vega:
A version for Web from PureBasic.  May be JavaScript inside, but is good news.

This is the link with news:

Israel Vega Alvarez

Brice Manuel:
Indeed,  This is very good news.

Theo Gottwald:
Its free for all Purebasic Users until end of 2014.
Another Argument to get Purebasic IF you need such a thing.

Brice Manuel:

--- Quote from: Theo Gottwald on January 21, 2014, 10:54:00 PM ---Its free for all Purebasic Users until end of 2014.
Another Argument to get Purebasic IF you need such a thing.

--- End quote ---
Most have moved on to PureBasic or something else.  The only people who still seem to be using PowerBasic over on the forums are retired bedroom coders.  For them, what happens to PowerBasic really doesn't matter.  The only people who really care what happens to PB are those supporting it with third-party software.  Even some of those seem to have moved on. 

Tom Hanlin, did exactly as I said he would and he followed his Pyxia/IBasic plan.  First, he made some grandiose posts about how great he is.  Then some drunken late night nonsensical ramblings.  Then picking a fight with more respected people in the community like Jose and insulting him and his work.  There was somebody else he picked a fight with over on PowerBASIC forums.  Then he disappears again for an extended period of time (which he has already done at least twice since coming back to PowerBASIC).  This is literally a textbook repeat of what Tom did with Pyxia/IBasic.  His finishing move is he disappears one time and simply never comes back.

I have been happy to see several people over on the PureBasic forums.  I hope more will make the switch.  It is a very good product.  It is NOT outdated.  It supports modern features.  People are not banned for reporting bugs and you don't have to argue with Fred for several pages of posts to get him to admit there is a bug.  There is a wealth of third-party support by other users, code examples and tools.  Because PureBasic adheres to industry standards, it is very easy to interface with third-party products.  It is a BASIC, not a C++ wannabe, you won't find any OOP bloating the language.  Inline assembly using an industry standard assembler.

SpiderBasic came along at the right time and allows PureBasic to move into new territories.  It is only days old and in extremely good shape and has a bright future ahead of it.

Theo Gottwald:
Currently my hopes on Tom are not so big, but anyway there will not be an PowerBasic x64 in the upcoming forseeing years.
Therefore PureBasic IS a good addition.
Besides that the Visual Designer that are available for PureBasic are not state of the art.
Especially the one that is integrated produces buggy code and is inacceptable for anybody coming from PowerBasic, no matter which Visual Designer he used before.
Even QTAB (Freeware) will make better code and never produce Syntax Errors.
I hope they will understand that this is no way to go and work a bit on this.

See here
VD PureBasic 5.41 produces buggy code


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