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Any Good news regarding PB 64bit compiler?

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Chris Chancellor:
Hello Brian

hows' going?  how's the progress of your PB 64bit compiler?

Brian Alvarez:
 Hello Chris. If you like programming in SDK... consider it 99% complete. 

 The work i am doing right now, is regarding stock code for automating some tasks like sorting parsing and stuff. I plan to keep adding features, i dont want to make it just a wrapper, but adding functionality not easily made in high level.

 i have made fairly complex projects with it, and everything works fine. Im sure a big group of programmers will manage to find more issues than i have imy tests, but nothing that cant be fixed. :)

Chris Chancellor:
Very good news, Brian  have you tried converting PB GRAPHICS statements and OPENGL stuff ?

OpenGL and graphics, XPRINT can be drawcards to your compiler

Brian Alvarez:
No, but you will be able to.

 PluriBASIC already supports all their syntaxes, but the stock code is missing. Anybody will be able to code it in and even share.

 XPRINT syntax is supported as well. But the internal code is also missing. I think at some point it will be an interesting project
for everyone else.

Patrice Terrier:

--- Quote ---have you tried converting PB GRAPHICS statements and OPENGL stuff
--- End quote ---
PB's 24-bit GRAPHIC is totaly obsolete, 32-bit is a mandatory.
About OpenGL, the latest drivers and shader (using C syntax) are meant to work in 64-bit only (BTW, we added shadertoy animations in OR).
GLSL also requires the learning of C...

Learning the low level API rather than using the GRAPHIC proprietary syntax, would help for the sake of code portability :)


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