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64 bit COM programing with PluriBASIC

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Brian Alvarez:

--- Quote from: Mike Lobanovsky on December 03, 2018, 01:05:37 PM ---Where, how, on what conditions, and at what price can I get me a copy of PluriBASIC to run my own insider tests to assert its compatibility with its prototype?
--- End quote ---

 Only time will tell... But i hope this becomes available to everybody, with a reasonable price and with the conditions we are used to.

 You could get it today if you purchase the whole project rights though. ;)

Mike Lobanovsky:

--- Quote from: Brian Alvarez on December 03, 2018, 11:24:16 PM --- Hello mike, PluriBASIC is capable of doing what i said, with the tools i said. I guess i am the only one 100% sure that there is nothing more required than my word. :)
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--- Quote ---To be honest I have to admit I am guilty of not taking the time to see what the headers were permited for...
--- End quote ---

Quod erat demonstrandum.

And please, Brian, -- my name is Mike, M-i-k-e with a capital M, not mike or mIKE or mIkE or whatever else your Siri thinks it may be.

Thank you!


--- Quote from: Brian Alvarez on December 04, 2018, 02:34:54 AM --- You could get it today if you purchase the whole project rights though. ;)
--- End quote ---

Oh no, that would be too generous. I am not particularly interested in PB 5- capabilities or options. I might have professional interest in, and/or uses for, 32-bit PowerBASIC and 64-bit OxygenBasic but kiddie's-first-gadget environments are certainly beyond my scope.

Brian Alvarez:
 My apologies Mike, but i usually dont have time to check my grammar.

 So, I request for your advanced indulgence to my human mistakes and my sticky
SHIFT key without getting all offended. Not my intention. :)

 What makes you think this is a "kiddie's-first-gadget" environment? I mean,
you havent even used it and I (despite my efforts) have barely explained the surface
of what it can do...

 May I get offended too? ;)

Mike Lobanovsky:

--- Quote from: Brian Alvarez on December 04, 2018, 03:17:52 AM --- My apologies Mike
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---May I get offended too? ;)
--- End quote ---

You shouldn't. Evidently I failed to make myself clear: it isn't PluriBASIC that's beyond my sphere of interest, it's the "kiddie's-first-gadget" environments that PluriBASIC v5 generates its output for that don't ring the bell for me.

My bad, even if unintentional.

José Roca:

I don't understand why you want to use my headers for PowerBasic if they aren't useful for 64-bit compiling. What I'm missing?

If your tool will allow to write applications using the PowerBasic syntax, but O2 as the backend compiler, then who is going to buy PowerBasic?

> I dont know if 64 bit COM programming is different than 32 bit COM programming

The same differences as with the Windows API: pointers are 64-bit, etc.


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