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Do not fall for the Corona-Virus Scam-Panik

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Do not fall for the Corona-Virus Scam-Panik


Theo Gottwald:
Those Countries with the highest Vaccination Rate also have the highest rate of dead people.
Why is that the case?
The problem is that the mRNA Vaccination is not a real, traditional vaccine as we know it.
The Spike Proteins that it contains are actually seen as dangerous even from the developer of the mRNA itself.
Under some circumstances these Spike Proteins will - together with the immune system - start to attack the Blood-vessels and the heart of the person who got the vaccin.
Simply said, the mRNA-Vaccines work like a slow-Snake Poison that my destroy aour blood vessels under some circumstances.
The danger about it is, that once you got it and you feel god - its not over.
The immune-System has been reprogrammed that once its triggered it will start to attack your own blood-vessels.
Thats why i say "Its like slow working snake poison". The problem about it is that you do not know when it gets the signal to start doing its job.

There is a detailled explanation in this video:

Even in Germany, those states with the highest vaccination rates have the highest numbers of sick people.


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