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AA Attack

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AA Attack

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Zlatko Vid:
according to Ancient aliens ..they suggested that JohnRaspbarry STUPID BASIC master
we are not alone .... ;D  :o

Paul Yuen:
Hi there
Who is that John Raspbarry  or John H1N1?
Am I missing something here?

Could he be an ancient alien too?

Anthon Com:
Wah haha  ;D

sad but true

Zlatko Vid:
latest news from JRS drama queen

--- Quote ---Charles,

I have to assume you have a abandoned this forum like Jose abandoned his. I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars and my time to take abuse from creeps your language attracts

If I don't hear from you in the coming days, my efforts to host your forum is going to end.


--- End quote ---

maybe is really time to say good bye  to JRS hosting have
this place ...and


sourceForge ..where is discussion board:

...and i really don't see a reason to wasting your time and energy on troublemaker spikowski

Raymond Leech:

--- Quote from: Zlatko Vid on May 05, 2021, 10:43:53 AM ---maybe is really time to say good bye  to JRS hosting

--- End quote ---

Sorry for the smart-azz reply, but: "Ya think?"  Over the least 15 years, John's Wikipedia battles are phenomenal, his forum administration tactics are legendary, and his 'post editing' ability epic! Why anyone would have him host even a "Coming Soon" page is beyond my imagination.

--- Quote ---spend thousands of dollars
--- End quote ---
And didn't even have a UPS to keep the mini-pc server up during the power outage? Awesome!


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