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Here you can read why i was kicked from the Powerbasic Forum

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Here you can read why i was kicked from the Powerbasic Forum

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Theo Gottwald:
I have posted a picture from our future german chanceler and then i was kicked for publishing "Pornography".
In germany for "Pornography" there must be at least 2 person on the picture, in USA one Person (who is a bitch) is enough.
You can see the pitcure attached to this post.
I can not say that the decision was all wrong because I also think that the Person I have posted is likely a bitch.
She will get our future chancelor anyway.

For me this is not a surprise. If you report different opinions than the official opinion, sooner or later you will be banned.
So I was waiting for that. I am blocked  by now from ALL western social media, from XING, Facebook or LinkedIn.
They have banned me, blocked me, and destroyed my accounts.

The freedom of speech is not more like it was 10 years before. You have to be "mainstream" and if you are not they make you "off-line" :-).
The reason can be anything.

The only media that are still free are only from Russia, Telegram and
There you can still read my opinions.
What we are still missing is a Russian YouTube, I hope we will get this soon someday.
If that happens, also YouTube will lose all society content that is not "Main-Stream".

Today we have exactly the opposite situation as it used to be in the times of the Eastern Block.
At that time it was free here and censored there. Today it is exactly the opposite.

It will not make me hide my opinion to get blocked from somewhere.

It can be assumed that also all the other former Eastern block virtues, corruption, election fraud etc. have as well made their way to western countries,
including USA and Germany.

Why do we get such stupid presidents?

The little secret behind Annalena Baerbock is the World Economic Forum of Mr. Klaus Schwab and the community of Young Global Leaders (YGL) that he set up in 2005. Together they now want to tackle the "Great Reset".

The members of YGL are young executives who belong to a wide variety of sectors and disciplines and come from all parts of the world. You are appointed for six years and must not have reached the age of 40 at the time of the appointment. After their membership in the YGL has expired, members of the YGL Alumni Community can join.

The members maintain the 2030 Initiative, which aims to create an action plan for realizing the vision of an ideal world in 2030. Recently, this has also included the "Great Upheaval" agenda. New members are appointed every year.

In 2014, the Young Global Leaders had more than 900 members. Prominent Young Global Leaders in Germany are the members of the German Bundestag, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (!!!), and Federal Chairwoman of the Green Annalena Baerbock (!!! Direct hit !!!!)

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron (!!!!), the incumbent Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo (!!!!), the former Environment Minister of Denmark, Ida Auken and Ska Keller (!!!!), chairmen of the The Greens / EFA and MEP parliamentary groups have also completed the Young Global Leaders program.

So all in all: well-trained courtiers and actors for the globalist capital!
YoungLeaders Program

Who are your "Global Leaders"?
This is determined there, in these Networks they help each other to the Top. They have the Media, they have the public opinion and they have the money.
Not in elections. Most people will just elect by TV Opinion.

Anthon Com:

This Annalena is a disgrace to Germany, with such a bad behavior.  How did Germany ever consider
her as a viable leader, we didn't know that she hugs more than trees ?   

What a shame, this is  similar to having that Ars*ho** John H1N1  running or ruining Oxygen Forum?
She will run Germany into the ground.


Zlatko Vid:

--- Quote ---John H1N1
--- End quote ---


Well that creature already commented on his way on the emtpty Oxygen basic( read scriptBasic JRS forum)

--- Quote ---I think Theo is on drugs. His latest rant on Jose Roca's forum is over the top. What a shit hole that forum has become thanks to its facilitator. Jose should move his forum somewhere else.

You know things are bad when Aurel stops posting to the forum.
--- End quote ---

he even mention me... :o

Chris Chancellor:
Welcome back Zlatko
Look at the bright side, she is quite a beauty  ;D

that's what people look for.  Unlike that John H1N1 of the O2 forum, who looks bad and
evil hearted.

John H1N1  the ugly creature xtra ordinariere  :-[

Chris Chancellor:
Actually Script Basic is known as Stupid Basic in the programing world,
 which nobody in their sound mind w'd ever use such STUPID BASIC.


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