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Has anyone tried True Basic compiler ?

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Has anyone tried True Basic compiler ?

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Chris Chancellor:

Has anyone tried the True Basic compiler?

i wonder how good it is ? 

Its link is as below

Pierre Bellisle:
I did have a quick look long time ago. If I remember well it was too limited. Bad quality/price ratio.
There is demo to download. Depending of your context, maybe it will fit the bill for your need.

Another alternative for you might be PureBASIC
There is also a demo to download.

Chris Chancellor:
Thanxx Pierre

their sales department  didn't even reply my email  -- i believe that it is dead already

it looks outdated and lots of stuff are missing and i'm not going to use it.

   i will go along with FB and O2 to convert PB programs to 64bits

Purebasic has a funny syntax expecially the   for  loop    and do not really looks like basic.

Chris Chancellor:
Thanxx Raul for the info

looks like there is no support for this language and its website has no activity!

i was just searching for a replacement language for PB in order to do 64bits programming.

Raúl Ortega:
Hello Chris.

I've been watching Free BASIC, but it's extremely slow for string handling.

I would like to investigate: Open Watcon and Xamarin.

In the channel of this video you can find good programming tutorials.
C ++ Programming



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