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GLSL and Intels


Petr Schreiber:
Hi all,

can anyone confirm there is no Intel based graphic card with GLSL support on XPs?
I really like how GLSL is done, but if Intel will ignore its existence I will need to find a way around this limitation.

I heard it is available for Intel only ( and just sometimes ) under Vista.
That sounds a bit ridiculous, as GLSL is part of OpenGL 2.x specification, which is not so new anymore.


Theo Gottwald:
aaah long time I've not heared any reason for VISTA. May this be the first ? .-))

Petr Schreiber:
ATi + GLSL + XP = Ok
Intel + GLSL + XP = Aaaargh

Maybe reason to think about Intels laziness :)
GLSL is available even via OpenGL 1.5 extension in lot of cases, and that is deadly old specification.

Great they were so in hurry to make DX10 card ::)
I used to have neutral opinion about their cards, now I am getting nervous :)



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