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Lastly I am taking a closer look into adding some streets nearby into Google Street View.
What I found is that the Camera GPS and the GPS from my Smart-Phone are not very "at the point".
The resulting files look often a bit strange when uploaded to Google Street-View. And sometimes Street-View just does not take them.
Generally there are programs to correct the GPS-Data:
There is GPS-Studio
and there is GPS-Viewer
Now the problem is, that these programs tend to remove "Unnecessary Trackpoints" from the Routing.
Which is a "NoGo" for uploading to Google Street View.
So i need a tool that will interpolate the waypoints in the way i need it, after the correction.

Generally the Smart Package Robot has a large Set of XML-Commands, that is helpful with GPX-Files.
But then there were some shortcomings to deal with Timestamps like: HH:MM:SS:ddd.
I need to calculate the Timedifference between Timestamps and do not want to use a bunch of String-Operations.

So there is the new TCA. (Timestamp& Time Calculation) Command.

It will be in the next Update.

It can do all sorts of things with such Timestamps. Add, Subtract or divide them, find the Timestamp between two timestamps,
and you can even define a LOOP from a Timestamp to another Timestamp. Which is exactly what i need here in my Task.

The Timestamp-Loop is sort of

Code: [Select]
FOR.$$LOP=10:09:00.000 TO 10:10:00.000 STEP 00:00:00.010
(Do something here with $$LOP)

Command. For the SPR i have realized it using MACROS.
This example will also be in the Helpfile as a Macro-Sample.

Code: [Select]
' These Macros will implement a Time-FOR-Loop using Macros
' Please note the use of 'EIF- and 'EIF+ in the Macro for the Editor Formatting.
' This Loop will Loop from 08:09:59.000 to 08:10:01.000


PRT.Looping: $$LOP


'  THe two Macros that implement a Time-Loop
: %FOT 3
: %NXT
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