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Title: Asmosphere with Preprocessor / including Opengl Demo
Post by: Charles Pegge on July 12, 2008, 09:34:01 PM
This is the low level counterpart of the thinBasic_Oxygen module, with an enhanced preprocessor making it significantly closer to a high level language, and much easier to use with system DLLs.

It can be used in any program by including the Oxygen DLL

Included are the Hellowin and Opengl2 demos - they are dynamically assembled and executed but it is also possible to store pre-assembled code as a binary file and execute it later. The binaries are generally relocatable code that does not require the fixup data contained in DLLs. As a result they are extremely compact - as an example the opengl demo is as an exe is around 35k. As a binary string configured to run in Asmophere it is about 6.5k

I've included the full source code and the  CHM manual as it currently stands

This is the front end 'OXY' written in FreeBasic, incorporating  the DLL interface.

Code: [Select]
' OxygenTestFB.bas
' Oxygen Assembler 'Asmosphere' project
' Charles E V Pegge
' 19 April 2008
' 03 July  2008 ' sync with thinbasic oxygeb

Extern "Windows-MS"
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_asm       LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_asm"       (byval as zstring ptr) AS long ' assemble
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_link      LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_link"      (byval as zstring ptr) AS long ' o2 link **
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_view      LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_view"      (byval as zstring ptr) AS zstring ptr ' o2 coding
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_asm_file  LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_asm_file"  (byval as zstring ptr) AS long ' assemble from file
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_view_file LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_view_file" (byval as zstring ptr) AS zstring ptr ' o2 coding from file
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_error     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_error"     ()                     AS zstring ptr ' error message if any
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_len       LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_len"       ()                     AS long ' length of returned string
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_buf       LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_buf"       (byval as long)        AS long ' buffer selector 0..511 (returns pointer)

     DECLARE SUB o2_init LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_init"  ()                                          ' initialise oxygen
     DECLARE SUB o2_put  LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_put"       (byval p as any ptr, byval le as long)  ' put code into current buffer
     DECLARE SUB o2_get  LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_get"       (byref p as any ptr,byref le as long)   ' get code pointer and length

     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_exec      LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_exec"  () AS long ' execute code in current buffer
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc1     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc1" () AS long ' execute code at entry point1 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc2     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc2" () AS long ' execute code at entry point2 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc3     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc3" () AS long ' execute code at entry point3 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc4     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc4" () AS long ' execute code at entry point4 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc5     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc5" () AS long ' execute code at entry point5 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc6     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc6" () AS long ' execute code at entry point6 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc7     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc7" () AS long ' execute code at entry point7 (steps of 8 bytes)
     DECLARE FUNCTION o2_proc8     LIB "oxygen.dll" ALIAS "o2_proc8" () AS long ' execute code at entry point8 (steps of 8 bytes)
End Extern

     ' ** o2_link is automatically called by o2_asm when the assembly is successful.

function gets(byval p as long) as string
    dim s as string
    dim l as long
    dim q as any ptr
    if l=0 then goto xgets
        mov ecx,[l]
        mov esi,[p]
        mov edi,[q]
            mov al,[esi]
            mov [edi],al
            inc esi
            inc edi
            dec ecx
        jg strpt
    end asm
end function

    dim src AS zSTRING*256   ' source
    dim erm AS zstring ptr   ' error message
    dim lis AS zstring ptr   ' listing
    dim as long a


    if len(*erm) then
      print "Error: ";*erm
      print "List:"+chr$(13)+chr$(10)+*lis
    end if
    print a
    if len(*erm) then print *erm


And  here is part of the Opengl demo code showing the extended Asmosphere syntax

Code: [Select]
  ; -----------------
  def null 0
  def is
    mov eax,%e
    mov %b,eax

  def is8
    lea ecx,%e
    lea edx,%b
    mov eax,[ecx]
    mov [edx],eax
    mov eax,[ecx+4]
    mov [edx+4],eax

  ;48 bytes
  4 cbsize
  4 lpfnwndproc
  4 cbClsextra
  4 cbWndExtra
  4  hInstance
  4  hIcon
  4  hCursor
  4  hbrBackground
  4  lpszMenuName
  4  lpszClassName
  4  hIconSm

  type MSG
  ; 28 bytes
  4  hwnd;
  4  message
  4  wParam
  4  lParam
  4  time
  8  pt

  indexers `esi` offset 0 ascending ; all globals
  esi=getmemory 4096
  call WndProcLocate
  mov [eax-4],esi ; store procs & globals table ptr
  mov [eax-8],ebx ; store runtimes table ptr
  ; DLL bindings

  var 4 kernel32,user32,GDI32,opengl32,glu32

  kernel32=LoadLibrary   `kernel32.dll`
  user32  =LoadLibrary   `user32.dll`
  GDI32   =LoadLibrary   `GDI32.dll`
  opengl32=LoadLibrary   `Opengl32.dll`
  glu32   =LoadLibrary   `glu32.dll`

  bind kernel32
    GetCommandLine  GetCommandLineA   ; @0
    GetModuleHandle GetModuleHandleA  ; @4
    QueryPerformanceCounter QueryPerformanceCounter ; @4
    QueryPerformanceFrequency QueryPerformanceFrequency ; @4

  bind user32
    GetActiveWindow  GetActiveWindow   ; @0
    LoadIcon         LoadIconA         ; @8
    LoadCursor       LoadCursorA       ; @8
    RegisterClass    RegisterClassA    ; @4
    RegisterClassEx  RegisterClassExA  ; @4
    MessageBox       MessageBoxA       ; @4
    CreateWindowEx   CreateWindowExA   ; @48
    DestroyWindow    DestroyWindow     ; @4
    ShowWindow       ShowWindow        ; @8
    UpdateWindow     UpdateWindow      ; @4
    GetMessage       GetMessageA       ; @16
    TranslateMessage TranslateMessage  ; @4
    DispatchMessage  DispatchMessageA  ; @4
    PostQuitMessage  PostQuitMessage   ; @4
    BeginPaint       BeginPaint        ; @8
    EndPaint         EndPaint          ; @8
    GetClientRect    GetClientRect     ; @8 
    DrawText         DrawTextA         ; @20
    PostMessage      PostMessageA      ; @16
    DefWindowProc    DefWindowProcA    ; @16
    SetTimer         SetTimer          ; @16
    KillTimer        KillTimer         ; @8
    GetDC            GetDC             ; @8
    ReleaseDC        ReleaseDC         ; @4
    ChangeDisplaySettings ChangeDisplaySettingsA

  bind GDI32
    SetPixelFormat SetPixelFormat
    DeleteObject      DeleteObject
    SwapBuffers       SwapBuffers
    GetStockObject    GetStockObject    ; @4
    ChoosePixelFormat ChoosePixelFormat

  bind opengl32
    glGetString    glGetString
    glGetIntegerv  glGetIntegerv
    glGenLists     glGenLists
    glDeleteLists  glDeleteLists
    glNewList      glNewList
    glBegin        glBegin
    glNormal3f     glNormal3f
    glVertex3f     glVertex3f
    glNormal3fv    glNormal3fv
    glVertex3fv    glVertex3fv
    glEnd          glEnd
    glEndList      glEndList
    glCallList     glCallList
    glPushMatrix   glPushMatrix
    glPopMatrix    glPopMatrix
    glRotatef      glRotatef
    glScalef       glScalef
    glTranslatef   glTranslatef
    glMaterialfv   glMaterialfv
    glMaterialf    glMaterialf
    glColor4fv     glColor4fv
    glClearColor   glClearColor
    glClear        glClear
    glLoadIdentity glLoadIdentity
    glDisable      glDisable
    glEnable       glEnable
    glColor3f      glColor3f
    glDepthFunc    glDepthFunc
    glPolygonMode  glPolygonMode
    glBlendFunc    glBlendFunc
    glMatrixMode   glMatrixMode
    glOrtho        glOrtho
    glViewport     glViewport
    glScissor      glScissor
    glCullFace     glCullFace
    glFrontFace    glFrontFace
    glLightfv      glLightfv
    glVertex2i     glVertex2i
    glFinish       glFinish
    glDepthMask    glDepthMask
    glGetDoublev glGetDoublev
    ; wgl
    wglCreateContext   wglCreateContext
    wglDeleteContext   wglDeleteContext
    wglMakeCurrent     wglMakeCurrent
    wglUseFontOutlines wglUseFontOutlinesA
    wglGetCurrentDC    wglGetCurrentDC
    wglGetProcAddress  wglGetProcAddress

  bind glu32
    gluLookAt      gluLookAt
    gluPerspective gluPerspective
  ; Opengl ARB extensions

  var 4 glMultiTexCoord2fARB glActiveTextureARB
  var 4 pa wglChoosePixelFormatARB

  glMultiTexCoord2fARB    = wglGetProcAddress `glMultiTexCoord2fARB`
  glActiveTextureARB      = wglGetProcAddress `glActiveTextureARB`
  pa                      = wglGetProcAddress `wglGetExtensionsStringARB`
  wglChoosePixelFormatARB = wglGetProcAddress `wglChoosePixelFormatARB`


  var 4 viewport(4)
  var 8 ModelView(16) Projection(16)

  ;static as single model_diffuse(0 TO 3)  => { 1.0, 0.8, 0.8, 1.0 }
  ;static as single model_specular(0 TO 3) => { 0.6, 0.6, 0.6, 1.0 }
  ;static as single model_shininess = 20.0

  var 16 model_diffuse model_specular
  var 4 model_shininess
    ns 1.0 ns 0.8 ns 0.8 ns 1.0
    ns 0.6 ns 0.6 ns 0.6 ns 1.0
    ns 20.0
  copyn &model_diffuse,edx,36 ; table values to variables
  var 4 light_position(4) light_diffuse(4) light_specular(4) light_ambient(4)
  var 8 half
    ns0.0 ns8.0 ns8.0 ns1.0
    ns1.0 ns1.0 ns1.0 ns1.0
    ns1.0 ns1.0 ns1.0 ns1.0
    ns0.2 ns0.2 ns0.3 ns1.0
  copyn &light_position,edx,72 ; copy table to arrays above
  var 8 twopi
  fadd st(0),st(0)
  fstp qword twopi

  var 8 aspect
  var 4 rot_x rot_y rot_z ; view rotation
  var 4 wwidth wheight wwidthm wheightm
  var 4 hWnd hDC npixelformat hRC
  var 4 bselect kselect refresh
  var 8 grtic1 grtic2
  var 4 ReqShutdown

    ; WNDPROC globals
    var 4 mposX mPosy sPosX sPosY bLeft bMid bRight xpos
    var 4 xpos ypos active_view


Title: Re: Asmosphere with Preprocessor / including Opengl Demo
Post by: Petr Schreiber on July 13, 2008, 02:56:08 PM
This is ***** recommended ( 5 stars, not a censored word ! :D )

Charles does an awesome job on this, and he is very kind he provides Oxygen in ThinBasic module form as well - that allows code gymnastics going from high level to low level for optimum code speed.