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PluriBASIC - Progress March 7 2018

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Brian Alvarez:
 Until now, the engine could compile 64 bit applications with no problems. However since the engine was using plain "string" strings, the calls to external DLL's crashed.

 Today i decided to make a big step and started implementing BSTR as the default string type.

 It is a challenge because now the engine must do much more to compare, concatenate and in general, handle the strings.

 The benefits are that PluriBASIC will support Unicode, as well as being compatible with external DLL's and producing highly compatible DLLs and C++ SLLs, aka LIBs.

 When i finish this, i would like to handle the array order to handle the params backwards. If you know what i mean. This will increase the compatibility with external stuff.

Brian. :)

Brian Alvarez:

Done. The engine now uses BSTR's. Yay!

Brian Alvarez:
The string data types supported are:

STRINGZ (char)
WSTRINGZ  (wchar_t)

 They all interact correctly when compared and concatenated.


Theo Gottwald:
Sounds good!
Can you cooperate with other programmers who are working on such projects - for example
- Charles Pegge (Oxygen)
- James C. Fuller (bc9Basic)
such a Cooperation would speed up things significantly. Especially as you come now to the part where you need to be compatible
with APIs, DLL's from other Languiages and such.

Chris Chancellor:
Brian,  this  O2 Charles Pegge is a maestro and he can help out on your project.

You should register as a member in oxygen basic and see what you can come up with a better product 


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