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Pierre Bellisle:
Since I already have it in my UltraEdit config,
I added a little more than 5000 API and TYPE in the [KeyWords3] section, like BringWindowToTop, ChildWindowFromPoint, ExtractIcon, ACCESS_INFO_1, POINT, RECT, etc...
Around 1,300 Windows message in the [ReservedWords] section, like WM_CREATE, BM_CLICK, EM_GETRECT, LB_SELECTSTRING, etc...

With a nice color setting, this is good. If the word is is not the right color, you know you made a typo...

thank you.
It's a really good job.  :)

Zlatko Vid: that  free? hmm
for my taste is bloated
also i can add in easy way api keywords to

Pierre Bellisle:
Hi Zlatko,

Like Roland said, PSPad is a freeware editor, their logo say's it also and the description on their main page start with "PSPad is a freeware".

Sorry that, from your perspective, you find it bloated.
Even if I will remain loyal to UltraEdit, from my perspective, PSPad is full of features and options.

About adding keywords. Yes, adding more functions, messages, and notifications is in fact pretty easy,
I guess lots of guys among us can add many more thousands.
This limited plus or minus 5,000 list is made of the more commonly used, to avoid ending with a too big database that might affect the the editor performance.
When I use an interesting API that is not in the list, I simply add it, one at the time.
This way I keep the database unbloated.


Zlatko Vid:
there is no need to sorry
i find every code editor bloated which is for many languages
we here need code editor for o2 not for html,etc ..etc
so i prefer editor for one programming language not for 100


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