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Which IDE is better for C++ beginner

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Chris Chancellor:
Hello All

I would like to learn C++ and would like to dwell into compiling to 64bits native codes only

so i was looking in the internet, there were recommendations :

 1.  Codeblocks   which some said compiled to only 32bits native and is console base

 2.  Visual C++ 2017  which can compile to 64bits native,  windows base and provided you use MFC

so this means that Visual C++ 2017  would be an ideal starter for a beginner programmer like myself
i'm not sure if the above opinions are true or not as i hasn't done any programming in c++

what would be your opinion on this matter?  kindly advise
Thanxx for your advice

Pierre Bellisle:
CodeBloc (v17.12) is more an IDE, and need some compilers to acheive it's goal.
If you install it with both GNU GCC Compiler(x32) andr GNU GCC Compiler(x64)
then you will be able to compile both 32 and 64 bit.
Look in Setting / Compiler / Selected compiler / GNU GCC Compiler(x32) or GNU GCC Compiler(x64) and set the default.
CodeBloc with both compiler is liteweight so it do not need much space on drive.

Another one: DevCPP IDE is no more updated but still give an interesting learning environment for the same GNU GCC Compiler(x32) or GNU GCC Compiler(x64).

MS Visual C++ is by far the most advanced environment and the absolute way to go long term in my opinion.

I think that having the 3 installed give the choice to use what is more meaningful at particular time for the coder...

Also, on this forum, Patrice wrote many good things about C++..

Patrice Terrier:

--- Quote ---MS Visual C++ is by far the most advanced environment and the absolute way to go long term in my opinion.
--- End quote ---
No dispute there, it is years ahead of everything else, and remember that the VS 2017 community version, is totaly FREE.  8)

Chris Chancellor:
Thanxx a lot Pierre and Patrice

by the way, as for VS 2017,  it is true that we need to compile using MFC  in order to get native code ?
bcos native code is better than managed code

MFC = Microsoft Foundation Class

Pierre Bellisle:
Forgot to say... Whatever the compiler you use, doing the complete tutorial at is real nice way to start as I see it.


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