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bc9Basic Quick Start for Theo :)
« on: April 27, 2016, 10:57:32 PM »
bc9Basic quick start.
Note: bc9Basic is not for those learning to program. You must have a BASIC background with a bit of c/c++ knowledge.
#1. You need a c/c++ compiler. For ease of use I suggest Visual Studio 2015 Community.
    You will not need to set any environment options using VS 2015.
    If you choose another supported c/c++ compiler you will need to set:
    PELPATH [path to PellesC]
    MINGW [path to TDM-GCC-64]
    NUWEN64 [path to NUWEN distro]

#2. download bc9Adp2 and unzip to your c: root directory.
#3. Run BcEdit.exe.
#4. Press Ctrl N
#5. Type the following in the editor and save as HelloThere.bas.
$ONEXIT "VSC.BAT $FILE$ -m64 con"
Print "Hello there"
#6. Press Ctrl F5 (this will translate,compile and run HelloThere.


At the far right in the ide you will see a combobox that lists many different compiling options. These are wordy explanations for the options sent to the translator.
All the ones with Win are for VS and Pelles. MinGW are for TDM and Nuwen.

Windows Release
Window MFC
Win No Win Includes
Win No Includes
Win Dll Release
MinGW Window Release
MinGW Win no Win Includes
MinGW Win no Includes
MinGW Windows Dll
Windows Release Unicode
Win No Win Inc Unicode
Win No Inc Unicode
Win Dll Unicode
MinGW Window Unicode
MinGW no Win Inc Unicode
MinGW no Inc Unicode
MinGW Win Dll Unicode
TCLib No Unicode
How to create a Project
 Press Shift-Ctrl N (or Menu->File->New Project)
    Project Name
    Project Description
    Project Path should be C:\bc9Adp2\Projects
    I usually unckeck []Bak (up to you)
    Project type is the list from above. just leave it as Windows Release.
    File creation. Always check the []Resource file. hard to add after the fact.
    Click ok
  The rc file ahould have the focus. I just go ahead and add a manifest:
  Menu->Resource->Add Xp Manifest
  The batch files will automagically compile and link a resource file if it has the
  same base name as the .bas file.
  Click on the basic file tab and enter:
$ONEXIT "VSC.BAT $FILE$ -m64 con"
Print "Hello there"
Press Ctrl F5 this will translate,compile and run
You can also use the toolbar buttons next to the combo.