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Equivalent in C++ to PB #compile { "filename.exe/dll"}


Heinz Grandjean:
Just another question and I hope I don't overstress your patience.

When I compile in MS C++ one of my test-DLLs the release is embedded in a bunch of files, normally in the Debug-folder.
What I need is to express a special target-folder for the DLL.
In PB we have the above mentioned compiler directive.
I checked out the C++ examples made by Patrice and Frederick(they are great),
but I was not able to find a hint concerning that question.

Heinz Grandjean

Patrice Terrier:
No, the Debug folder is for debug purpose only, it produces much larger code that is not intended to be distributed.

You must compile in release mode once the code has been debugged, and distribute the realease EXE/DLL only!


Heinz Grandjean:
Yes, thank You.
Fixed that.
But the question how to release the DLL into a user-defined folder is still there.
In PB this is extremely convenient.
Heinz Grandjean

Kev Peel:
Project Properties > Release Configuration > Output Directory (and 'Target name')

Heinz Grandjean:
Thank you,
Heinz Grandjean


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