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Calling C++ Dll with export class from PB 10 Host

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Heinz Grandjean:
I apologize  for late answering, Frederick!

I have not checked the thread any longer, thinking it had become inactive.
But in the meantime I have tested Your helpful advices concerning the call to C++ DLLs.
(I love PB, but I have realized the fact to be in a certain dead end street.)
Therefore I started to learn C++, following Patrice Terrier.

By the way I think it to be not only  a question of translating PB to C++
It is a different approach and more than "simply interpreter's work"...

Please allow me some additional sentences.
Detecting the impossibility to access C++ classes (inside C++ DLLs) via PB,  I focused the Com-aspect,
because I want to avoid a (historical) procedural export-interface (what I got working...).

I now can reach my PB!!!-compiled DLLs via late com-binding (PB-style and without registry).
I did that in the hope to do it in the same way with C++.
Heinz Grandjean



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