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Sutthisak Phongthanapanic:
Does anybody know the future of PB? I love it and waiting the major revision ofPB including better editor, OOP, and buildin graphics engine. And I love Jose' work, it should be the standard of PB. I'm believe that...

Brice Manuel:
The last revision(s) of PB gave us a much better graphics engine and OOP, etc.  The editor was improved, although I still recommend Jose's CSED for editing. 

What improvements are you wanting to see?

Theo Gottwald:
I would like to see x64 .... :-)

Carlo Pagani:
Theo - You are the eternal optimist. {Not a bad thing}

I have no expectations and think Patrice is probably right, so anything that may come will be a pleasant surprise.

Patrice Terrier:
While DDTer are sitting on the edge of the road waiting for the Parousia, SDK coders should take their destiny in their hands and move on.

Ask yourself, does the {new} PB's programming team would be better than you in your field of expertise?

If ever there is a 64-bit version, how long would it takes to debug, and how many members of the beta team would have the required knowledge (and time) to do it.

It is impossible for PB to compete with Visual Studio, they could have a second chance moving to ANDROID, but this would be a strategic decision and i don't think there is a real pilot into the plain.



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