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PluriBASIC - Progress of the implementation for Oxygen

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Brian Alvarez:
CONTROL SEND hDlg&, ctlID&, Message&, wParam&, lParam& [TO lResult&]


Brian Alvarez:
CONTROL ADD [CONTROL | CustomControl$], hParent&, ControlID&, Caption$, X&, Y&, Width&, Height&[, Style& [, extStyle&]] [CALL CallbackProc[()]]

Supported controls:


Working on the rest.

Brian Alvarez:
 Working great...

Brian Alvarez:
DIALOG END hWnd& [, lResult&]

Complete.  ;D

Brian Alvarez:
DIM Arrayname([lBound& TO] lUpperBound& [, [lBound& TO] lUpperBound&]) [AS DATATYPE] [* Length&] [AT Address???]

Still need to do more tests, but it is mostly complete.

The Following DIM statements are valid:

--- Code: ---DIM MyArray(-10 TO 10, 9, 5) AS STRING
DIM MyArray(-10 TO 10, 9, 5) AS STRING * 100
DIM MyArray(-10 TO 10, 9, 5) AS STRING AT Address???
--- End code ---

The Following already work with these arrays:


For Example:

--- Code: ---Bound& = UBOUND(MyArray)
Bound& = UBOUND(MyArray())
Bound& = UBOUND(MyArray(1))

Address??? = STRPTR(Array(-10, 9, 11))

--- End code ---

At the moment, these arrays have some known limitations:

* They cannot be passed to external DLL's unless created with PluriBASIC.
* They cannot be used with a different number of dimensions than initially dimensioned (artificial limit that will be removed soon, because in practice, they can)
* They cannot have more than 3 dimensions (limit temporarily set because of a system glitch)More limitations may apply, i will be discovering them as i test them.

REDIM and REDIM PRESERVE are also mostly ready, but still need a couple tweaks and testing.

Not bad for a "lazy BASIC programmer" that works full time ON SUNDAY without even getting paid, huh?


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