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James C. Fuller:

--- Quote from: Theo Gottwald on March 01, 2016, 09:50:13 AM ---James, maybe you can use the chance and explain a bit why you prefer your bc9 thing?

I personally will use PowerBasic for 32 bit and PureBasic for 64 bit at this time.

FreeBasic competes with the ".bas" Extension with PowerBasic so its currently not my choice :-).

--- End quote ---

Just a short why. I will elaborate with examples.


Frederick J. Harris:
I still wish PowerBASIC would make it back with some kind of 64 bit future.  But in the meantime I've been enjoying working with C++.  But everything I do with regard to that just impresses me more on what Bob accomplished with PowerBASIC.  I'm heartened to here more from Tom Hanlin, who I kind of view as Bob's intellectual heir. 

My mission critical apps at work are all PowerBASIC.  I've developed C++ versions of them as backups though (Yes, it was a lot of work.  Tens of thousands of lines of code.  Took me several years.).

Real glad to see your board here Jim!   


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